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Behavior & Enrichment

Learn why understanding your pet's behavior and enriching their lives is important for their well-being.

What You Need To Know


There is SO much information out there regarding behavior modification & training techniques.


It can definitely be overwhelming to figure out where to turn, and what to do.

If you want to:

  • Stop unwanted behaviors

  • Boost your confidence as a dog owner

  • Promote better family dynamics

  • Provide your dog or cat with an appropriate outlet for their energy

  • Address leash pulling, anxiety, or jumping

  • Help your pet adapt to stres

Then this is for you!

Getting in tune with our pets and seeing the world from their view is half the battle.


Dogs and cats play a vital role in our lives. They provide us comfort, companionship, and hours of entertainment. But, when we over-humanize them, throw our emotional mix into their wild ancestry, do not give them clear leadership, rules or boundaries and treat them as if they are children or "fur babies".... Disaster quickly ensues.

Many pets today are on behavioral medication.


This is 100% a very real, and very scary REALITY.


  • Nearly 50% of dogs and cats surrendered are between 5 months and 3 years old.

  • 1 in 10 pets were returned to the shelter within 6 months.

  • 96% of dogs surrendered had no obedience training.

  • A study on the relinquishment of dogs and cats to shelters found that 40% of dogs and 28% of cats were surrendered for behavior reasons


Why have we demonized treating our animals, like ANIMALS?!

Why has society convinced us that saying no, and setting rules is harmful to our pet's feelings?

Perhaps, Dare I say it:


People are too emotionally invested in their animals! We forget that these creatures can, if needed, fend for themselves in the wild, hold their own, and generally exist without us.

Yet, we treat them as if they are completely helpless, blanket them with affection, talk in baby voices, give unlimited amounts of affection, throw treats left and right, let them get away with very poor behavior, and have virtually no consequences for it.

The reality is, pet's need leadership, and boundaries in order to know what is right and wrong. Just like we do.

Otherwise, chaos ensues.

Who can benefit from a Canine Enrichment Program?

  • Every pet! Any age, breed, or size!

  • Owners who want to help their pets cope with stress

  • Those who are tired of excess energy

  • Pet owners who want a stronger relationship with their dog or cat

  • Those who want to add variety to their pet's exercise regimen


What can enrichment help with?

  • Leash manners

  • Anxiety

  • Puppy energy

  • Senior dog care

  • Surgical recovery

....And much more!

With Canine Enrichment Training, you will be confident in managing your pet's behaviors and providing them a well-rounded lifestyle for natural and instinctual behaviors.

*I am not offering Canine Enrichment packages at this time. All of the enrichment education will continue to be incorporated into the New Pet and Nutrition Consults. If you have questions, please send me a message.



What You Need to Know

Life is a beach dog training HTPets.png

Life's a beach... Train your dog so you can enjoy it!

Dogs are arguably one of the most popular pets today.


They are cute, excitable, furry, and loyal.


But when you begin to think about acquiring a dog, many factors must be taken into consideration; including training and behavior.


Often times, these quickly get put on the back burner.

Why? Not enough time, knowledge, or commitment to the task.


And, as I firmly believe that training a dog is a lifelong comittment, one must always set aside time within the daily routine to work on training their dog.


This is essential.


Why? Because just like humans, if a piece of knowledge or a behavior is not implemented often; it is forgotten about!


I understand how hard training can be.


There is simply too much information out there for the common pet owner, to narrow down what may or may not work for them.


Life gets busy... And most don't want to commit to attending weekly training classes, or sending the dog to a board and train facility*... These can also be costly!


*In some cases, these routes may be necessary to get your dog on the right track.


I will make referrals when appropriate.


But, what if I told you the solution may very well be in your own home? And it can be done in just 10 minutes a day?


If you are struggling with jumping, leash walking, begging, door dashing, or recall; HTP is here to help!


I come to YOU, for training consultations.


And give you the skills to train in your own home, on your own time!


Along with the initial intake questionnaire, I will assess the leadership dynamic, underlying stressors, home environment, daily routine, and overall mindset of the dog.


That way, I can get a full, detailed picture of the problem areas, to set up the best plan of action and achieve the best results, so you and your dog can have HAPPY TRAILS.


What You Need to Know

Cats can be particularly sensitive when it comes to environmental stressors.


Seemingly meaningless things could actually be making a huge impact on their health and wellness.


If you are struggling with things like spraying, hissing, hiding, scratching or counter surfing; HTP is here to help!


While sometimes more difficult to address than dogs; cats tend to be pretty smart, and receptive to the right kind of remediations.


However, in general; Cat's don't like change.


Something as simple as switching the type of litter used, or moving the food bowl can cause them to start acting out.


Kind of silly, huh? Yet, it's probably the last thing owners think about when problems arise.


Many cats also suffer from something, that is very easily fixed: BOREDOM!


As natural predators, they thrive on running, jumping, chasing, and hunting.

But, as house pets; their wild tendancies are often discouraged, frowned upon, and referred to as 'behavioral problems.'


With a behavioral consult, you will first fill out an in- depth questionairre that will address environment, resources, medical history, diet, social and emotional needs, as well as their daily routine.


All of these factors play a vital role in your cat's wellbeing.


I take into account your cat's complete lifestyle, ask questions, and heck I may even get on their level to make observations!


With this information, I will then create an outline and set forth a plan to remediate problem areas, so you and your cat can have HAPPY TRAILS!

How Do I Know If A Behavior Consultation Is Right For Me And My Pet?

"Our pets may not be our whole life, but they make our lives whole."


There's no doubt that pet ownership enriches the lives of many. But, what happens when our dog or cat is poorly behaved, acting out, and becomes overall unpleasant to be around?


The sad truth is, many of them end up in shelters. Or worse yet, someone is seriously injured- maybe even a child, and the animal is euthanized.


Some common problems are:


-Leash pulling

-Scratching furniture

-Accidents in the house

-Barking at guests

-Hissing and swatting

-Fearfulness or anxiety

-Selective hearing

And More!!


I am determined to help owners avoid  drastic measures and dangerous situations, by giving them the proper tools to assist in remediating unwanted behaviors.


Whether you have a new puppy or kitten and want to get started off right to avoid behaviors, or you are already struggling with poor behavior and lack of training.


An in-depth analysis will be taken of the pet's history, their lifestyle, and present problems that need work. I will then create a plan for you to start on right away that will ensure a more peaceful home. You will not only learn important foundational skills to train your dog, but you will learn how to read their body language to ultimately predict their behaviors and stop the trigger, before it starts! The best part? You can train on your own time, around your own schedule!

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