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Top Safety Tips For Dogs During Deer Hunting Season!

Updated: Mar 5

It's hunting season!!

Make sure you keep safety a top priority with these tips if you're out and about where people may be hunting:

  • Keep your dog leashed, ESPECIALLY if they do not have a reliable recall

  • Have your dog wear a bright orange & reflective collar

  • Add a turkey bell to their collar for extra noise and thus more visibility

  • Put a reflective vest on your dog

  • Be sure your dog has a SOLID recall with the help of a remote E-Collar (if you choose).

Remote-collars give an extra layer of reliable communication between you and your dog. Both Maddie and Jerry are trained off-leash with E-Collars!

These collars have a TON of amazing features, including a bright LED flashing light. Both dogs listen great with vibrate and we have peace of mind being able to see their distance right on the handheld remote.

Check out our favorite brand and learn more with full video tutorials on usage here!


Important Note

In some instances, it is LEGAL to shoot a dog who is in pursuit of large game.

Minnesota Statute: 97B.011 DOGS PURSUING BIG GAME.

"(a) A person who observes a dog wounding, killing, or pursuing in a manner that endangers big game may kill the dog."

Again, it is unlawful to allow your dog to pursue big game.

Please do NOT have your dog off-leash in rural areas where people are hunting.

And no, dogs are NOT used to help hunt big game, except when retrieving a wounded deer in these circumstances.

If you and your dog are bired not being able to run loose or go for hikes during hunting season (or just because of the cold) consider providing some indoor enrichment!

Have fun hunting & be safe!

P.s. Our doggos LOVE venison and will be waiting patiently for this year's hunt!

P.p.s Venison is really delicious in lasagna


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