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Breaking Up The E-Collar Confusion

Updated: Nov 20

Ensure safety & reliability by learning the foundations of E-Collar use so you can get started with effective off-leash training!

Ecollar Dog Training off-leash How-To

Last week I had a request to do a tutorial on how to fit an e-collar! So, I did it!

This is extremely important and can make all the difference in off-leash success.



I understand that off-leash training isn't suitable for EVERY dog... However, I do think it can be implemented safely, and effectively for MOST dogs.

Why use an E-Collar? Aren't they dangerous?!

Nope. Not if used correctly. And guess what?... I'm here to show you how!

Learning to use/ operate anything in life is fundamental to preventing injury.... learning how to drive a car, cook on the stove, etc.

We know that the benefits are extraordinary, but we also take precautions and educate ourselves to be sure we get the most out of the experience in a safe and positive manner.

Personally, I think it's far more dangerous to have an untrained dog who runs off, attacks or goes after wild animals, becomes a stray, ... or even worse, gets hit by a car.


Importance of a Solid Recall

It doesn't matter if it's every day listening or an emergency.

Recall is recall.

Either it's there or it's not.

An E-Collar is NOT a substitute for proper recall training. An E-Collar is to be layered on top of learned commands.

My dog does not have any different commands or collar modes for one scenario vs the other.

Come means come. And collar pressure means NOW.

Whatever command I give. Either come, down, wait, out, etc.


What information will you teach?

First segment:

E-Collar Primer: Tutorial for E-collar use

This video is all about getting to know the collar!

Learn about the particular collar I use (DogWatch) and why I love it! It has MANY features and I'll show you everything you never knew an e-collar could do!

Second segment:

E-Collar Fitting 101

Learn how to properly fit an e-collar to prevent injury and avoid misuse.

PLUS: Each video contains tips and tricks on keeping your pet safe during use to ensure a reliable recall!


Is there more?

I may make a further series on how to fully off-leash train a dog... But, please know there are so many variables per individual dog, their issues with training, and other behaviors that I prefer to keep major training advice and techniques for in-person training sessions to achieve the best results. That being said, these first parts are an essential foundation for the rest, so we'll start here!

You can't properly train your dog off-leash via remote collar if you don't know how to use it, nor fit it correctly on your dog.

I'll walk you through the need-to-know basics so you can get started with effective off-leash training!

*Please note: if you are using another collar for training such as a prong collar, or head halter... the fitting will be a little different with the attached collar/ leash combo above the E-collar on the neck.


Are these videos free??

Heck yes they are!

Come join us and learn the basics of proper e-collar use!

off-leash dog training with proper e-collar use

Simply click this link to start watching!

PLEASE, use this advice to ensure safety and reliability in your dog while being off-leash... so you both can have Happy Trails!



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