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Last Updated: 12/01/2024

The staff and owners at Happy Trails Pets, LLC are not doctors or licensed Veterinarians and cannot/ will not diagnose, treat, prevent, cure, or prognose an illness, nor will anything be prescribed.

The information provided by Happy Trails Pets, LLC on (the “Site’), is strictly based on a matter of opinion and personal experience from having worked many years with pets who have had various health and behavioral concerns.

Therefore, no advice or information portrayed on this Site, during consultations, or in person is NOT meant to be taken as medical advice nor it it to take the place of a trusted and qualified medical professional.


Happy Trails Pets, LLC OWNERS/ STAFF/ AND AGENTS makes no guarantee of services, or information presented, and are not responsible for content, how it is used, or any losses or injury resulting from using said content, services or advice.

Happy Trails Pets, LLC staff and/or owners cannot, and will not be held liable should any information be used from this Site or its Services.

USERS/  CLIENTS agree in full to HOLD HARMLESS Happy Trails Pets, LLC and STAFF/ OWNERS/ AGENTS as stated in the Terms of Services (document within Online Client Portal) as well as the TERMS OF USE.

All content portrayed is for educational and/or informational purposes only and should not be used or seen as medical advice.

It is up to the pet owner(s) to always consult a trusted Veterinarian and alert them should any changes be made in the pet's care that may affect their health, for better or worse.


No content, or opinion on this site, or portrayed in person or otherwise is to be affiliated with that of any company and/or their products, unless otherwise specified (please see Affiliate Disclosure).

Information provided here or otherwise is to the best of current knowledge.

Though, No guarantee can be made to the accuracy, reliability or completeness of content featured and/ or presented on this website, and Happy Trails Pets, LLC, STAFF AND AGENTS assume no responsibility for errors or omissions in the contents of the site.


Visitors/ Clients / Users agree to use content provided at their own risk, and also acknowledge and agree to the TERMS OF USE.

Owner(s) and Manager(s) of this site reserve the right to change how content is managed or run at any time without notice.

*If you pet is having a medical Emergency, please contact your Veterinarian or Emergency pet service.*

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