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Want to help other pet owners & families provide great care for their pets?!

Learn more about how collaboration with other professionals can benefit your organization and simultaneously benefit the lives of pets and their families!

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Family Dynamics and Pet Health: Creating a Path Towards Sustainable Bonds

Explore how you can help your patients thrive emotionally and physically amid the challenges and changes of living with humans.

Let's Make a Difference

How HTP can benefit your business & why collaborative care is so important for your team and the success of your clients!

I absolutely love working with other pet professionals to make this industry a better place!


As a CVT with 10 years+ experience in different areas of the pet industry, I have quite a diverse background in experience:


  • Boarding kennel & hobby farm

  • Veterinary clinics

  • Local animal shelter

  • Retail (Farm & Pet)

  • No-Kill Animal Sanctuary

  • Animal welfare & cruelty investigations

  • Presentations


It's no question that pet owners are struggling. And we all want to help. Care to join me on a mission?!


We as professionals must bridge the gap from prospective pet owner, to lifelong pet owner. All too often pet owners are not given the education and resources they need to be successful.


Most people would love to turn to their veterinary team and other pet industry professionals for answers, however:

Recent years have made this a an on-going struggle: staff are short, hours are less than usual, new clients are being turned away, and burnout in this industry is all too real.


Consequently: families suffer, owners are confused and overwhelmed, dog bites happen, animals are neglected, pets are re-surrendered, and so-forth.


I'm passionate about helping, and empowering pet owners (as well as pet professionals, like YOU!) to make better decisions in order to improve the health and well-being of dogs, cats, and their families.


Interested in Adding Another Member to Your Organization's Care Team?

I'm here to offer support in any way that I can. Whether you're an established pet professional. a human care provider, child educator, or an up-and-coming entrepreneur... We can develop a way to work together and make this industry a better place for all!


Here are some of the professionals I work with and how we can collaborate to make a positive difference!

Veterinary Clinics:

  • Don't have time to answer all your client's questions in a single appointment?

  • Are you lost with what else to recommend for a difficult allergy case?

  • Ever wished there was a better solution to on-going anal gland problems and hot spots?

  • Are you looking to build your referral network?

  • Wanting to provide more support for clients with new puppies who have many questions about care?

Rescues, Shelters, Fosters:

  • Want to make certain that a family is set up for success with their newly adopted pet?

  • Wondering about more ways that you can offer a client individualized support?

  • Do you foster dogs/ cats & want to make sure the new owners get all the support they need for before adoption & homecoming?!

  • Have you been looking to ensure pet adoptions from your facility are more successful and that they remain in their furr-ever homes?!


Breeders (Apply for the NEW HTP Breeder Referral Program!):

  • Want to make sure that buyers are set up for success while receiving on-going support and individualized attention for all their pet care needs and concerns?

  • Are you wishing that buyers could be more confident in caring for their new companion and that their new puppy/kitten remains in their furr-ever homes?!


  • Do you see a lot of pets with skin issues, allergies, and anal gland problems?

  • Are you struggling with grooming un-socialized and fearful dogs?

Pet Retail Stores (owners, managers & employees):

  • Does your business sell high-quality pet food & supplements?

  • Are you wanting to learn more about other healthy products that you could/ should be carrying?

  • Looking to move more product & help pet owners provide the BEST for their companions?!

  • Do you wish you knew more about what products you currently or want to sell?

  • Want to avoid selling unhealthy products?

  • Have you been wanting to learn how you can better communicate with customers to sell products?

Pet Industry Entrepreneurs & Professionals:

  • Interested in creating an industry leading pet product, but not sure where to start?!

  • Want to learn how to become a more environmentally sustainable business?

  • Have you been curious to learn the ins-and-outs of creating and selling pet food or treats?

Birth Doulas & Midwives:

  • Do your clients have pets in the home?

  • Are your families worried about the changing dynamics in their home with preparing for a new baby?

  • Have the pets in your client's home been showing concerning behavior since the new baby arrived?

Chiropractors (human & animal),Holistic Health Coaches & Practitioners:

  • Want to educate your clients on the importance of nutrition, and Whole Body Wellness for their animals?

  • Are your patients interested in learning about holistic care for their pets?

  • Do your patients want to extend their willingness and knowledge for holistic wellness into the care of their animals?

Girl Scout Troops:

  • Is your team wanting to learn fun facts about animals?

  • Would you be excited to have a live dog training demonstration?

  • Are you open to teaching your troop about dog bite safety and reading dog body language to prevent bites?


Daycare Providers:

  • Want to better your understanding of animal-child interactions and create a more harmonious environment?

  • Do you struggle with knowing what boundaries to set within your daycare between your pets and the children you care for?

Did you answer "Yes!" to any of the above?!


That's why I'm here!


Let's talk about how we can work together, and bring pet owners the best care, products, services and education possible!


I'd love to be another member of your team, working with you and pet owners to achieve a mutual goal of health and wellness.


How is Happy Trails Pets different?!


Happy Trails Pets is an individualized consultation service and education hub that provides a unique support system for pet owners and professionals, like you.


Now, not only are pet owners able to receive one-on-one support for a variety of health and behavioral concerns...

But you can too! And you will also receive valuable educational materials along the way, just like the pet owners I work with.


This isn't just a way to give advice.


It's a personalized plan for each pet owner, their pet, and their entire family. I give them the tools and knowledge to make better decisions in pet care.


I strive to provide the ultimate value to my Clients & Professionals and pass on nearly a decade of my own education, research, and experience.

Individualized Pet Health Consultations (and Blog) focuses on:


  • New Pet Adoption

  • Nutrition & Lifestyle

  • Education & Support


Ready to get started?! Feel free to contact me with any questions, or scroll down to book a call and begin your new and empowered journey!

*As we work together in collaboration to better the lives of pets and their families, you'll be eligible to have your business listed as a Trusted Partner, and you'll be given a unique discount code for your clients/ customers to use when booking their first session with Happy Trails Pets!

*ALL Network Referrals & Partnerships are subject to screening of the Professional at the sole discretion of Happy Trails Pets staff. For Professionals to obtain a unique discount code, they MUST use kindness on their personal and professional social media platforms to ensure pet owners feel supported, as this encourages openness to learning. I will NOT approve those who use bashing and degrading terminology (such as telling people kibble is poison), or those who fear-mongering and bullying tactics to get others to shift into ‘compliance.’

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Pet Health Consultant

Integrative Care Advocate

Dedicated to helping, and empowering pet owners to make better decisions in order to improve the health and well-being of their companions. Because when you know better, you can do better.

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