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Meet the Team!

It Takes a Village

With the right team and support... Anything is possible!
Meet the faces, fur & scales behind HTP in these unique candid pics!!



CEO & Founder, Katie, has over 10 years of experience in the pet industry and a deep passion for promoting natural health and wellness in pets (and humans)!

Read more about the challenging 10+ year

journey here.


The face of many posts! She is spunky, energetic, stubborn and doesn't act a day over 3 (she'll be 11 this year)!

Maddie loves to run off-leash in fields and on the beach... and also chase squirrels... and eat rabbit poop.

happy dog exploring off leash.jpg
Happy Trails Pets dog training enrichment and behavior

My Daughter

Junior trainer, and the vision behind it all. My daughter inspired me to create a one-of-a-kind business that would allow us more time to spend together, all the while helping families live better and more well-rounded lives with their pets (and children)!

One-Eyed Oscar

This little guy has one of the biggest personalities I've ever seen in a fish! He loves to play and will spin around in tight circles when you say hello to him! He only has one eye (obviously) which means he has to be hand fed so he finds his food!

betta fish
golden retriver puppy playing.jpg


What a challenge this one is! Jerry has joined HTP with no clue that he would soon be the face of fun social media posts!

He thinks he's in charge: of Maddie... of the cat... the couch... and even the kitchen. He loves food but is learning his manners fast!

Cichlid Crew

Peachy, Lemon Drop & Blue were the original crew members (along with a lone convict that survived some odds). Since then, the tank has grown to dozens of fish in all shapes, colors and sizes.

cichlid fish tank
cat on cat tower.jpg


Sadie is sweet but knows how to hold her own. She's not afraid to let her voice be heard but is quite respectful in the way she does it. There's no telling her no... because let's face it, she's the boss of everything and runs the house to keep everyone in line.


This sweet Bearded Dragon baby joined us in early 2023! She is inquisitive, feisty, adventurous, and has a great appetite for bugs! Stay tuned on social media for more of this cute little face while we learn the ins and outs of Dragon care!

Baby bearded dragon happy trails pets

The Clouds

A small party of 24kt White Gold Cloud Minnows!

These little ones are fast and fierce. They enjoy hanging out in their plants, playing keep away when it's time for a water change, and get pretty rowdy for dinner time!

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