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Bite Prevention

Dog Bite Prevention
Body Language & Trigger Stacking

Doggie Detective Coloring Sheets

Coloring Sheets

Teach your kids about dog body language!

Mother's Courageous Story on Bite Responsibility

Learn why it's so important to speak dog!

Recognize warning signs.

Advocate for dog and child.

Prevent injury and conflict by promoting safety between pets and children!

Image by Panagiotis Karagiannis
mothers bite story
dog kisses.png

My Dog Loves My Child!

He Always Gives Her Kisses!

Learn why 'kisses' from a dog don't always mean they're happy!

Kiss to Dismiss:

Not all licks are the same

Kiss or Dismiss:

Dogs don't bite 'out of the blue'

licks dont mean affection

Learn To Speak Dog!

Reading dog body language can prevent bites!


Reading labels, paying attention to recalls, food storage & more!

Speak dog videos
Environmental Toxins

Environmental Toxins

How do environmental toxins play a role in affecting our pet's health?

Toxic fragrances are harming your pets.png

The Endocannabinoid System: Essential and mysterious- How the ECS plays a primary role in health & wellness!

Medical & Health Care

Learn how certain pharmaceuticals & medical procedures can affect your pet's health!

Medical Care

Holiday Safety

Keep your pets safe during the busiest times of the year

Holiday Safety

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