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You Are Not Entitled To My Dog!

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

This post, I write with some edge.


Because I'm sick of people thinking animals are a free-for-all!

And, because I simply like to educate on Dog Bite Prevention.

Have you ever been out walking with your dog, and a stranger just assumes your dog is a free-for-all?!

Well, here's my take on the issue...

And why I'm okay with saying NO, you can't pet my dog!


A Lesson In Dog Bite Safety

This scenario happened at a park last summer...

Kids: "Does your dog bite?"

Me: "It depends what you do to her. All dogs can bite."

They proceeded to keep their distance, but watch closely.

This type of response, in my experience, provokes critical thinking.

A kid may begin to wonder:

  • "What would cause the dog to bite?"

  • "Do they look friendly?"

  • "Should I approach the dog?"

  • "Should I ask the owner if I can pet the dog?"

Simply saying "My dog is very friendly!" Invites overly excited children to run up to your dog.. because you implied that in no way would your dog ever be mean.


But, Why?....

I like to stress the importance of safety and respect to spacial pressure and interaction every time we are around kids.

If kids DO ask to pet her.. I don't always say yes.

Why? Because she's my dog.

No one is entitled to her affection.

And I have that right to do so all the while advocating for our safety, as well as that child's.

Kids need to learn that animals aren't a free for all.

  • Not all of them are friendly.

  • Not all of them like to be petted.

A dog may be:

A dog could also be blind or deaf and not know you if a person is approaching them.

All of these situations can make them more reactive to touch and extra stimuli.

I highly recommend Friendly Dog Collars to alert strangers to your dog's status or special needs. They make great products!

It's very important to always ask the owner, and assess the dog for signs of injury or stress before approaching.


If I say Yes

If I DO say yes for someone to pet my dog, I explain that she must sit, and they need to calmly approach her and only pet her on the back.

*This goes for adults as well. I find myself using this approach with adults every now and then..

Do you allow everyone who asks to pet your dog?

Asking is important, and greatly appreciated..

But just because someone politely asks... Doesn't mean you're entitled to say yes!

This especially goes for owners who have other dogs with them who are wanting to approach you.


Moral Of The Story

You have no idea how your dog, a child, or even another dog is going to react.

When in doubt: just say no.

Don't feel bad.

It's your right to do so!


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