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About pawsitively safe dog training and bite prevention

How Do I Know If A Pawsitively Safe Consultation Is Right For Me And My Family?

What You Need To Know

If you are currently expecting, a new parent, or even have older children: your family can benefit from being Pawsitively Safe!

As a Certified Dog Bite Prevention Educator, dog owner, and a parent myself... the topic of bite prevention is near and dear to my heart... and my business!

I get it... It can be TOUGH! Kids do their own thing, pets don't always listen... We are busy, stressed from work...

But that doesn't mean we let the house run rampant. I know, easier said than done.. right?!

Consequences of not being a safety advocate include:

  • Growling

  • Snapping

  • Biting

  • Resource guarding

...... And if these behaviors escalate, it can lead to an attack, scarring of the child (physically & emotionally) and it worst case scenario: re-homing or even euthanasia of the pet.

So how can we avoid escalating conflicts in the home between pets and children?! 

Is there a way to prepare your pet(s) for a new baby's arrival?!

Well, an individualized consultation may just be the answer you've been looking for!


*Please also see Resources & Education pages for more information on promoting child safety with pets.

Who can benefit from a Pawsitively Safe Consultation?

  • Expectant parents looking to prepare their pets and home for when baby arrives

  • New parents needing extra support with upcoming changing family dynamics

  • Current parents who want to promote safety of their pets and kids in the same household

  • Parents without pets who want to teach their kids the importance of animal safety and bite prevention

  • Daycare providers and childcare workers looking to expand their knowledge on bite prevention and child safety around animals. *Please visit the Professionals page for more info.


  • Nearly half of all kids are bitten at least once by the age of 12.

  • The majority of bites, end up being on the face or head.

  • 72% of dog bites are by a known dog.

  • Cat scratch fever is actually a very real disease, and can be serious if a deep scratch happens, especially to a child.

Prevention is our best tool at stopping animal-related injuries to kids.

Children grow, and dogs age... It is important to be set up for success at for every developmental stage!

Cats and dogs can be especially upset when attention is taken off of them, and can become anxious and even hostile and aggressive as children grow up and become more independent and mobile.

I will teach your family the ins and outs of reading the animal's body language, early warning signs, how to avoid conflict, and much more!

We'll work together to improve different areas that need to be addressed and be sure that you are on the path to less stress and more success! 


You may be asking:

  • How can I tell if my dog is about to bite?

  • Is there a good way to introduce my new baby to my dog(s)/ cats(s)?

  • How do I help my pet adjust to life with a new baby in the home?

  • What areas should be off limits for children when there are pets in the home?

  • How can I be sure all my pet's needs are being met while I care for my child(ren)?

  • Do I really need to teach my child(ren) how to behave around animals?

With one-on-one guidance, you will be supported and educated in more ways than I can simply cover here!

Schedule a call today if you're ready to get your family on the road to success with well-rounded family dynamics!

*I am not offering Pawsitively Safe packages at this time. All of the family education will continue to be incorporated into the New Pet and Nutrition Consults. If you have questions, please send me a message.

dog and cat bite prevention for families with kids and pets.png
dog and kid safety bite prevention for pets families

Learn more about being Pawsitively Safe!


Parenting alone can be stressful.

Add pets into the mix, and it may as well be a circus some days...

Who's charging admission?!


Make the transition easier, and learn why it is so important to address a positive co-existing relationship between animals and children.

Whether you are newly pregnant, have just welcomed your baby home, have a toddler, or even a teenager. HTP is here to help!

Preparing BEFORE baby arrives is especially helpful, to avoid mishap later on.

For older children, it's important to teach body language, and set up an age appropriate chore chart so they can be involved with care taking.

This helps to build a great foundation for mutual respect, boundaries, and even learning responsibility.

When bites happen, a child may be scarred physically, and emotionally. Not only that, but most people think that once an animal shows 'aggressive' behavior, they must be re-homed or even euthanized.

This, while maybe appropriate for some situations, is not often the right solution and should be avoided if at all possible.

Training the dog, or listening to the subtle cues of a cat, and teaching the child appropriate ways to interact (and not interact) can quite literally make the difference between life and death.


Expectant/ New Parents:

Some pets can be slow to adjust, and display unwanted behaviors, such as hostility, timidness, and aggression. Especially when bringing home a new baby! Or when newly mobile toddlers begin to intrude in their space!

New parents can feel overwhelmed providing for a new baby as well as taking care of their pets. It's a lot to handle! So having a plan of action before baby arrives is essential. Promoting bonding and safe interactions after baby is born, is also very important!


There is also a common matter of surrendering animals after the baby arrives.

You may feel you don't have the time for a pet anymore, you are overwhelmed, and you likely don't have the resources to help with transition. There are so many reasons that this can happen, and I would like to help you avoid this. Your pet is family. They just may need some help adjusting, as do you!

Current Parents:

FACT: All kids love animals. But, not all animals love kids. Or even adults for that matter.

50% of all dog bite victims are under the age of 12.


While cat bites are less common, they can be equally as dangerous and pose a serious infection risk.


When these incidences occur, it can throw a huge wrench in the family.


As now, a child is injured and traumatized, and the dog or cat's life is potentially, and very regretfully, ended.

That being said, I firmly believe these situations above ARE preventable.


*View one mother's courageous story on dog bite responsibility HERE.

My goal:

To provide you with the knowledge and resources needed to help keep your family together, and safe.

Through years of studying and experience, I have helped families by supporting a positive pet owner/ parenting relationship to avoid conflict, injury or re-surrendering of their pets to a shelter.


I completed my Certificate in Dog Bite Prevention to teach pet owners, parents, and kids how to be safe around animals.


From crate training, to reading body language, teaching calm on command, and even implementing safety zones.... There are no limits in how to prevent conflict and bites between the family cat or dog, and your child.


As a part of each consultation you will fill out a detailed questionnaire, which gives me an inside look at problem areas, the pet's behavior and medical history, and current situations needing to be addressed.


I will give a thorough walk-through of the space (sometimes virtually!), address dynamics within the household, go over the pet's behavioral history, and evaluate anything that could be problematic or even dangerous.


*If you are a parent, thinking of adopting a pet for your child: a Pre- Adoption Consultation can help you pick the appropriate one for age and lifestyle, as well as assist in creating a chore plan for care-taking of the animal. Please, do not rely on your child to walk the dog daily after school by themselves, this is not an appropriate task.

With this information, I will then create an outline and set forth a Pawsitively Safe Success Plan for your family to follow, so you and your pet(s) can have HAPPY TRAILS!

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