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Choosing Your Team Is Important For Success.

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

When choosing a provider or professional to work with you should not assume everyone is the same.

Service providers and their techniques vary greatly.

You'll see differences in:

  • Training preferences

  • Communication styles

  • Tools used

  • Overall knowledge

  • Credentials

  • Price

  • Personality traits

  • Independent study & education

It's important to pick someone who you feel vibes well with your beliefs, personality and preferences for care.


How do I choose?

This area can be difficult.

And so many pet owners struggle with finding a care provider they like.

One example is: you may want to feed raw food. So, finding a veterinarian that supports your decision (whether they fully agree with raw food or not) will make a great addition to your pet's care team.

This will help you achieve the best results possible for you and your pet and ensure a positive experience!

Before I work with someone... I ask many questions.

And you should too!

If need be, a care provider/ veterinarian should be willing and able to refer out or recommend someone better suited for your needs if they feel it's not the best fit or if what you're dealing with is outside their range of knowledge or expertise.

A common mistake I see is that it's assumed just because a person has a certain credential, or piece of education, they must have knowledge in XYZ..

This is NOT true.

On the contrary, some providers might not have credentials in a certain area but have plenty of self study and overall experience.

If you are looking for help in a specific area such as nutrition, you're going to want to know what knowledge they have. This may or may not include extra certifications or credentials. It may just include outside experience and independent study such as webinars/ seminars.

Many board associations will say that pet owners should only receive nutrition or behavior advice from licensed veterinarians.

I will tell you from 100% experience that veterinarians and technicians do not have any formal or extensive education in training, behavior or nutrition that they obtain in school.

This is an INDIVIDUAL area where outside education must be pursued.

BUT, the good thing is: VCA says that Technicians are well equipped to be handling the majority of nutrition education with clients!

Another example is if a pet needs an alternative modality of care.

While your pet may have a primary care veterinarian... Perhaps they could also benefit from chiropractic care.

Therefore you would add a certified animal chiropractor to your team.

Is your dog fearful or reactive on walks? You could also add a dog trainer to your care team!

There is no one right way to obtain full health and wellness. A well-rounded team that supports your goals, decisions, and style of care is extremely important for success!

Moral of the story:

  • Know who you are working with

  • Do your research

  • Don't be afraid to ask questions

  • Provide your pet a well-rounded care team that aligns with (at least most of) your views


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