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Is a wellness consul right for me

How Do I Know If A Whole Body Wellness Program Is Right For My Pet?

Eat. Drink. Do. Think. Everything is connected. And THAT is Whole Body Wellness!


There is SO much information out there regarding food, supplements, and overall health.


It can definitely be overwhelming to figure out where to turn, and what to do.

If you want to:

  • Take control of your pet's diet

  • Boost their immune system

  • Promote optimal digestion

  • Provide them with species appropriate nutrition

  • Address current health issues

  • Help your pet adapt to stress

  • Maintain a proper weight

Then this is for you!

As a Certified Veterinary Technician, I am well equipped to assist pet owners in creating health and wellness goals, especially with nutrition.

"A veterinary technician’s goal is to help patients live a long, happy, and healthy life, and proper nutrition is the cornerstone of that goal. Therefore, it is imperative that veterinary technicians play an active and leading role in educating clients about proper nutrition for their pets. Even animals that are not sick may not have optimum wellness."


"The veterinary healthcare team should focus on proper nutrition for every animal that presents to their hospital. To do this, veterinary technicians should be responsible for performing complete nutritional histories and patient assessments, as well as for educating pet parents about proper nutrition for their beloved animals."

-IVC (Innovative Veterinary Care) Journal


Today, a variety of ailments exist that are undoubtedly uncomfortable for our pets and impede the overall vitality of the body, as well as create stress and financial burden for the entire family.

Who can benefit from a Whole Body Wellness Program?

Every pet! Any age, breed, or size! Nutrition & Lifestyle is at the core of all health!

  • Owners who want a second opinion on their pet's nutritional status

  • Those who are tired of hearing the same 3 brands of food recommended by professionals

  • Pet owners who want a healthier, more species appropriate diet for their pets

  • Those who want to add variety or extra immune boosting support


What can proper nutrition help with?

...And More!!


BONUS: If your pet regularly visits the groomer, boarding facility, dog parks, go hiking, or camping or if you foster other animals, it is extra important to keep them healthy and support their immune system!


Believe it or not, I have experience in all these areas! And I'd love to help