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If I Knew Then, What I Know Now.

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

After coming across old emails, I've been reminiscing a lot this week on my journey that has brought me to this space.

The space of educating pet owners on everything I wish I would've known 10 years ago when my dog was very ill.

When he struggled with fear-based behavior issues.

When he couldn't digest kibble. And I didn't even know what raw food was.

When he was fighting a battle... And I didn't know any better.

Everything I could've, should've and would've done differently.

Everything I was never taught; about nutrition, disease, training, toxins, behavior, alternative care...

The things that are the foundation for good health and vitality.

Never addressed.

Not once.

Thousands of hours worth of research, courses, reading, webinars, classes, books,

scientific articles, etc.

3 current certifications, with more in the works.

I've turned into a junky for knowledge.

Literal sweat and tears... And blood if you count all the venipunctures!

One thing that is never lacking here, is passion.

If I don't have the answers.. I'll find em!

*Read my full story HERE.

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