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Kibble Feeding How-To's: The Ultimate Guide!

Updated: Feb 18

Preview: The multi-billion dollar pet industry likely has you very confused with what to feed your dog or cat. Truth is, most pet owners I talk to don't even know the name of the brand they feed. A lot of folks in the natural/ holistic pet health world will flat out say ALL KIBBLE IS BAD. And while there is definitive evidence that there are more appropriate foods for pets than kibble, I admit that it can be extremely difficult to feed raw, in any form! Limitations include time, space, and money. And it is especially difficult for large and more active dogs. This was one of the reasons I decided to start my business. To assist owners in providing great nutrition for their pets, no matter what the circumstance, preference, or budget. Learn how to: Boost your pet's bowl with whole foods, choose an honorable brand, research recall history, add proper supplements, and see why moisture is a critical component of any diet! I'll also teach you step by step how to calculate carbohydrate content of kibble to avoid a high carb diet for your carnivore! Additionally, this post includes my top 5 DON'Ts for kibble buying, storage, and feeding! BONUS: See which top 7 brands of pet foods I do not recommend! PLUS a 2nd surprise BONUS! It is so very empowering to be informed! I want to be sure YOU and YOUR PETS have Happy Trails! Are you ready to feel confident and empowered in your pet's healthcare decisions?! Now is the time! Let's get started. Be sure to login to read this exclusive post!

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