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What Is Bordetella? Does My Dog Need a Kennel Cough Vaccine? Plus: Natural Immune Support Remedies!

Updated: Mar 24

Natural remeides and nutrition for dogs with kennel cough and boretella

What every dog owner needs to know about bordetella (aka kennel cough)

This post got quite lengthy as I went on a hefty research binge!

It has been released in 3 Parts, each about 5-10 minutes in length to read!


What's All the Hype?

Over the years, I've had many questions about bordetella myself.. and I've had many pet owners ask about it also.

Truth is:

I used to do what I was told.

I never asked questions.

I wondered: why does my dog keeps getting kennel cough right after the vaccine?

Turns out, there was a huge lack of INFORMED CONSENT.

If I had known the efficacy rate, and the fact that I was puting the live virus right into my dog... I would've declined.

Want to know a secret? ...... Ever since I stopped giving my dog the bordetella vaccine, she has had NOT ONE occurrence of kennel cough.

And she would be considered VERY 'high risk' at contracting the virus:

  • She is around other dogs.

  • She has been to dog parks.

  • Grew up at a boarding kennel.

  • Went to work at the clinic with me regularily. might be wondering how it's possible that she ONLY ever had kennel cough shortly AFTER the vaccine (about 3 days later symptoms would start).

So, here's your chance to learn everything you need to know about bordetella!

  • Do you board your dog frequently?

  • Visit dog parks?

  • Are you concerned about kennel cough?

  • Wondering how dangerous it truly is?

  • Has your veterinarian recommended the bordetella vaccine?

  • Does your dog really need the vaccine?

  • What are the risks?

  • Want to protect your dog's immune system naturally?

Whether you're a dog owner, a parent of human children, a groomer, a nurse, or a veterinarian...

This 3 part series is for you!

Trust me, there's a LOT of information I found that is relevant to just about anyone.

Especially those with kids, or immuno-compromised family members.

Throughout researching this topic, I found things I never would've imagined.

And I went to school to learn about this!!


This 3 Part Series Features:

Part 1:

  • What is bordetella?

  • Who can get it?

  • Transmission

  • Risk factors/ dangers

  • Vaccine: history, schedule, efficacy

Part 2:

  • Vaccine schedule continued, risks & adverse reactions

  • Virus shedding

  • Is there a risk to humans?

Part 3:

  • Treatment options

  • Natural remedies

  • Whole body wellness

  • Conclusion


This is a




A short preview of a few points made in the 3 part series:

When reviewing data for the bordetella vaccine... I had to wonder.. Why is it recommended to give this to your dog every 6 months??...?

Here, we see a tidbit of what I found.

They haven't even established efficacy of yearly doses! Let alone 6 month durations..

So, what's the length of actual immunity?

What's the danger of over vaccinating?

How effective is it, really?

I know PLENTY of dogs who have gotten kennel cough after being vaccinated.. my own included!

In fact, can you guess the average efficacy rate of the vaccine?... It's actually less than 80%!

So, does it stop the spread of this highly contagious virus?

  • Curious to know what dangers a live vaccine poses to you, your pet, and the rest of your family?

  • What's the connection between canine bordetella and human pertussis cases?!

Well, since the primary agent of kennel cough can be transmitted from animals to humans (zoonotic)... I highly advise reading this 3 part series!

Learn how to protect your family's health naturally!

This 3 part series is packed with research! Don't miss out!




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