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Risks vs. Benefits of Flea, Tick & Heartworm Preventatives: Are they Helping or Harming? An in-depth look, Plus Natural Alternatives!

Updated: 5 days ago

Preview: Still giving monthly flea, tick & heartworm preventative products?! Are you giving them year-round?! The information in this post may have you heavily questioning your decisions and the safety of these pesticides (Frontline, Nexgard, Seresto, Bravecto, Pet Armour, Hartz, and more)! This may be the most in-depth compilation of research that has ever been put together on this subject. Many articles have been written on these topics separately, and there's so much information out there, often with no sources linked for pet owners to do their own research! I wanted to change that. I want YOU to be fully informed when working with your veterinarian! Especially since conventional flea & tick preventative products are linked to neurological side effects, including seizures, and even death! Yes, the FDA has sent warnings to veterinarians and consumers. In fact: one dose of a topical flea and tick product is enough to kill 60 MILLION bees. This is a long read, but it is packed with research, and also includes NATURAL ways to protect your pets, and your entire family! Not only will you gain insight on the dangers of conventional products, I'll walk you through the best ways to boost your pet's immune system with nutrition, plus you'll learn which herbs you should be planting in your yard to repel these pesky critters! Please be aware: depending on your pet's health history and your geographic location, lifestyle, etc. You may opt to use conventional forms of parasite control. And that's okay! Just know: It is so very empowering to be informed no matter which method you choose! I want to be sure YOU and YOUR PETS have Happy Trails! For another sneak preview, click here. Are you ready to feel confident and empowered in your pet's healthcare decisions?! Now is the time! Let's get started.

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