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Are You Ready to Celebrate?! 4th of July Pet Safety Tips!

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

While we are all ready to celebrate... Our pet's are unknowingly preparing for the scariest day of their lives.

😬 Endless snaps, crackles, pops & booms. Kids running around screaming.

🌞 Toss in the 100 degree summer heat, BBQ smells, and strangers in their yard/ home....

❌ You could have yourself a recipe for disaster!


Top Tips to Keep Your Weekend Running Smoothly & Your Pets Feeling Safe & Happy:

✔ Keep all ID tags on & up to date

More pets go missing on the 4th of July than any other day of the year. That should be no surprise to you... It's a frightening time, and adults are often too busy to notice when the animal becomes distressed, scared, and flighty.

✔ Leave your pets indoors & at home!

The best way to protect your pets! The safest place is indoors, preferably downstairs or in a locked bedroom so they can't escape as guests go in and out of your home. Pets who are kept outdoors should be safely confined & closely supervised to avoid running away out of fear.

✔ Provide mental stimulation & exercise

Give your pets plenty of playtime in the morning before the festivities begin. An early walk, a play date, a training session, etc. A tired animal is less likely to be stressed and into mischief come afternoon. When the fun begins, put your pets in their safe place with a food puzzle, special toy, bone or chew or other enrichment activity to keep busy.

✔ Help them stay calm

Dogs and cats display stress differently. Dogs will often shake, pant, whine, or pace, while cats may simply hide. I prefer to use natural remedies such as Young Living Essential Oils & homeopathy for calming with anxiety cases. I also use them for myself!

White noise, a fun new toy/ chew & appropriate supplements/ calming aids are the perfect combo to help your pets relax and have a stress free time!

✔ Crate train & desensitize

Training is ESSENTIAL for any scenario in life, but especially for holidays & gatherings. When my dog was younger, I played firework and thunderstorm sounds on my phone and trained through her triggers to desensitize her to those scary sounds.

✔ Keep fireworks, lighter fluid, matches and glow sticks away from pets

If you do take your dog outside with you or they are allowed to roam the yard, be sure all hazards are put away. You don't want to be sitting at the emergency vet on 4th of July weekend..... Trust me! ***If you DO find yourself needing emergency veterinary care, be sure to check the Resources page to find the one closest to you! Remember to call ahead and let them know you are coming!

✔ Watch the heat

Both dogs and cats can become over excited and over heated. Help them stay cool with shade, fans, and air conditioning.

Learn the signs of heat stroke and how to prevent and manage the condition, and when to seek professional help.

✔ Promote adequate hydration

It's going to be HOT this weekend, with temperatures in the 100's in many states! Help your pets stay cool and hydrated!

✔ Deter bugs with non-toxic products

I always advise against toxic, conventional pesticides. For humans and animals alike! Many of these chemicals are in fact labeled as carcinogens and have been linked to neurological disorders and death time and time again. Check out my favorite all natural ways to keep pests off (such as an essential oil bug spray recipe) HERE.

✔ Avoid the alcohol and toxic human food!

Hey, accidents happen! Please remind guests to leave their drinks up high and food out of reach!! Heck, you can even put a huge sign up that says: "NO FEEDING FLUFFY!" Your house, you make the rules!

✔ Evaluate their well-being frequently

Whether you choose to keep your pet indoors and alone with white noise and toys, or outdoors with sunshine and guests... Please check on them frequently. Evaluate their gum color (pale, dry, or brick red is not good), attitude, activity level, temperature of their ears, etc.


✔ Have fun!

It might sound like all these tips are telling you to cater to your pet's every need... But that's far from true! Please, enjoy yourselves, the festivities, the food and the pretty lights! But don't force it upon your pets, and be sure to check in on them to make sure they are alright!


Don't Forget to Advocate for Safe Interactions Between Dogs & Kids!

Don't let the festivities keep you from advocating safe interactions! Whether it's your kids, or someone else's! How do your pets and children interact with one another? Did you see a child pull their tail? Use them as a stepping stool? I encourage you to learn more about which kinds of interactions are safe, and which should be discouraged!

Dog and kid safety bite prevention 4th of july pet safety tips

Why this matters:

72% of bite happen to children by a known dog.

Nearly half of all kids are bitten at least once by age 12.

Usually, it's a bit to the face.

My Goal:

To provide you with the knowledge and resources needed to help keep your family together, and safe.


Learn To Read Dog Body Language!

Advocate for dog and child by reading dog body language and performing a consent test for your dog! Download some Doggie Detective coloring sheets and get to work on promoting safety between pets and children!

Check out the Educational Resources page to learn more!


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