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The Truth About: Hypoallergenic Diets. Part 1: Do Hydrolyzed Diets Work & Are They Healthy?!

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

Has your veterinarian recommended a hypoallergenic diet? Did they explain to you how these diets are made and present studies on how effective they are?... My guess is, probably not. In this exclusive post, I'll go over the common types of diets that are used for pet's experiencing symptoms of allergies: hypoallergenic, novel protein, limited ingredient, and hydrolyzed. Want to know a secret? There's a huge danger lurking in one of these foods that could actually worsen your pet's health! So, let's take a peek at how these diets are made, review the studies of efficacy in reducing allergy symptoms, and take an up close look at some of the most common brands of hydrolyzed veterinary diets! You ready for this one?!

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