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The Bias within the Dog World: Why are little dogs allowed to show aggressive behavior?

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

Big dog? Or little dog?

Why so biased when it comes to behavior? If your 5# chihuahua is allowed to bark, pee on the floor, bite strangers, and go ballistic when guests come over...

Who says a 105# German Shepard or 50 pound pitbull can't do the same? Truthfully, this is exactly the mentality most folks have.

Little dogs can get away with horrible behavior, while a big dog who leaves so much as a scratch, get the cops called on the owner for an 'aggressive dog.' The same rules NEED to apply across the board. I don't care the size, I don't care the breed... Number 1 Rule: All dogs must have accountability, manners, rules, boundaries, and leadership!!


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