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Shining The Light On Financial Burdens Of Pet Ownership: How To Get Money In A Pinch.

Updated: Mar 28

Finances of pet ownership

Pet ownership can wreak havoc on families... And can be a major source of stress and financial burden.

Especially in the event of an emergency when you may have to decide on forking over thousands of dollars out of pocket, or potentially making a tough decision to euthanize your pet.

Scenarios could include:

  • Emergency trauma

  • Broken leg

  • Health issues such as diabetes

  • Blockages

  • Exploratory surgery

  • And even urinary problems

These are not cheap to diagnose, or treat.


Pet owners may find themselves unexpectedly paying for:

  • Initial intake/ exam

  • Diagnostic tests

  • Surgery

  • Prescription food

  • Dental cleanings/ extractions

  • Medications

  • Taking time off work

I have seen numerous occasions where an owner either can't, or won't spend the money to save their pet's life and elects to euthanize instead.

One specific incidence was when their dog was diagnosed with diabetes. The cost of insulin was just too high for them, and they elected to euthanize.

It absolutely broke my heart.

I just want to be the one to say;



Your pet's life doesn't have to end just because of high dollar signs.

Some financial options include:

  • No interest financing for 6 months with PayPal Credit (loan)

  • PayPal Pool (donation link to share with family or on social media), NO FEES- unlike GoFund Me.

  • Asking your vet for a payment plan (many veterinarians understand medical care is far from cheap, they may work with you on monthly payment plans)

  • Apply for Care Credit (a line of credit specifically for care of pets)

  • VetBilling is a program that veterinary clinics work with to offer payment plans to clients. You can search for one who participates, or request that yours gets setup with them by filling out a brief from!

For more information financial planning for your pet, you can download the FREE PDF handout in the Members section!

This Guide includes a BONUS PAGE with information on financial planning for emergencies and includes a super handy budget chart to plug in yearly/ routine costs, and also start a pet savings fund so you don't get blindsided with emergency veterinary costs!!

*The list above is by no means complete. The variety of financial resources out there is nearly unlimited. For an even more extensive list, click this link to find resources dependent on your location, breed or pet, and even their specific condition.

Your pet deserves proper medical care.

Just like the rest of us.

And you deserve to have peace of mind.

I know that I would personally exhaust all options for veterinary care.

Planning for pet emergencies is just another way you can help your entire family have Happy Trails!


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