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Feeding Your Pet High Quality Food: It Doesn't Have To Cost So Much!

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

We are often under the impression that high quality means high priced. But, I'm here to say; It doesn't have to be that way! My dog is medium sized and very athletic. Years ago, she began to develop urinary crystals, with an elevated urine pH. Knowing what I do about the ingredients in Rx foods and how much they cost... It made me take matters into my own hands. If I were to put her on a 'prescription' diet, with medication; it would roughly cost me $150-200+ a month. Do I spend that much on grain-filled food & prescriptions? Nope! I spend HALF THAT on an appropriate, meat-based diet plus natural supplements that support her body! This exclusive post explains exactly what it costs to feed higher quality food (including 3 of my top favorite brands!) in comparison to big name brands... PLUS how I keep my dog healthy, naturally!

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