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Success Stories


  • Yogi: Cat with symptoms of allergies, & excessive itching.

  • Happy: 'Covid puppy' with separation anxiety and destructive behavior

Yogi Success.png

Yogi is approximately 2 years old and was a farm kitty before being taken in by a wonderful new owner.

Unfortunately, Yogi's new owner did not expect to be riding a merry-go-round of some health problems with him.

He was scratching, and chewing so much that he actually had many bald spots.

He also had frequent loose stools.

Numerous types of food and supplements were tried... With zero results.

He was miserable.

Thankfully, she reached out to me for help!
After we talked about Yogi's history and everything she has tried for him, I recommended a new food that fit him perfectly.

In just a few short days, his itching stopped, and his fur started growing back!

And...... After a few weeks..... He threw up a roundworm. And then a few more...

This was a HUGE milestone of improvement. His body was actually being provided with enough high quality nutrients that his immune system boosted, and he was now expelling parasites that we did not know he had.


You bet!

Very remarkable moment for Yogi and owner.

Yogi and his kitty brother had a few rounds of conventional de-wormer just to be sure everything was out.

After the invaders were cleared, we began working on improving his gut health, further boosting his immune system, and doing a gentle detox.

Yogi now has solid poops daily, and no longer pulls out his fur.

He does still scratch occasionally, but his owner has been extremely dedicated to cleaning up his external environment as well to eliminate any irritants that could be contributing to his itching and skin irritation.

We have also addressed the possibility of his over-grooming being related to some anxiety.

Due to Yogi's health showing great signs of improvement, he has now been started on a weight-loss plan (he was almost 16 pounds!) and is losing weight at a slow and steady pace!

Overall, we have had huge gains for both Yogi and owner!!

THIS is Whole Body Wellness.

Addressing not only the diet, but outside factors along with emotional health!

Learn more about Whole Body Wellness:

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  • The truth about what causes symptoms of allergies


Here's to Yogi and his very dedicated owner!

Happy Trails!

Yogi Success

This past winter, a friend reached out to me for help with her new puppy!

Happy is what I call a 'COVID PUPPY' ....
His family adopted him when they were all home from work and school due to the pandemic, and he never really spent any time alone.

Within a few short months, this turned into separation anxiety. At only 50 pounds and 10 months old... He had quite the strength of a maturing large breed dog!

He did not come when called

He barked when left alone

Escaped from/ destroyed kennels

Shredded their carpet

Often counter surfed (including consumption of entire bags of bread).

He was also very reactive to movements, and was especially triggered by small children when they ran.

Upon my arrival for our first session, the owner had much difficulty holding him as he lunged and barked at me coming through the door. This was also another trigger, and he would bolt through doors and knock people over.

This is NOT just rude behavior, it is a huge safety concern.

I knew exactly what we needed to do.

Thankfully, Happy is a very HAPPY and exuberant dog with a huge willingness to please his humans.... He just needed a calm state of mind, to get his thoughts sorted out and somewhere else to put his energy.

So, that's exactly what he got!

He no longer barks when left alone. His owners built him a more sturdy confinement/ kennel with plenty of room to play with his toys when left alone.

He no longer attacks people when they move around doing everyday tasks.

He self-corrects when overwhelmed and will go lay in his 'place.'

We made this his 'safe zone.'

He also will stay in 'place' while the owner exercises in the morning and when she does dishes in the evening!

Happy has made such a wonderful transformation in just 1 month of hard work and non-stop dedication from his family!!

I am so thrilled being able to share this.

Not only have we saved Happy's life and kept him in his furrever home... But we saved his owner's sanity with knowing he is a much better behaved dog and no longer a safety concern.

His wonderful owner sends me regular updates with how well he is doing and what they are working on with the simple tools & tasks I gave them.

Change is possible. All you have to do is put in the work!!!

This begins with realizing you just may need a little help.

Congrats to this beautiful family!

They are on their way to have truly HAPPY TRAILS!!

Learn more about these unwanted behaviors, please visit:



Here's to Happy and his very dedicated family for putting in the work!

Happy Trails!

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