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When Should I Spay & Neuter My Pet? What Does The Research Really Say?!

Updated: Jan 30

Preview: And here I am, with yet another rabbit hole! I've been working on this one for a few months now, simply because there's SO much to cover. As a vet tech, sometimes I feel that I was blatantly lied to during my schooling... Why did we not ever review ACTUAL research on the risks & benefits of spay & neuter procedures?! When did the standard (early) spay/ neuter begin and why? Are there benefits to leaving your pet intact? Do hormones really play a role in metabolism, behavior, and other bodily functions? Why do sterilized pets have a much HIGHER cancer rate than those who are left intact? At what age should we choose to spay/ neuter for maximum health benefit? Does behavior really change when a pet is 'fixed?' Do breed specific considerations need to be made? Should small breed dogs be sterilized sooner than large breed dogs? What's the deal with growth plates and joint problems?! Are alternative procedures available that leave all the essential hormones but still sterilize the pet?! There's a lot to covere here! Surely we have a ton of questions to answer. It is so very empowering to be informed! I want to be sure YOU and YOUR PETS have Happy Trails! For another sneak preview, click here. Are you ready to feel confident and empowered in your pet's healthcare decisions?! Now is the time! Let's get started. Grab all the information you need (and then some!) about your cat or dog's spay/ neuter procedure! Be sure to login to read this exclusive post!

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