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Itching and Allergies? Turn to nature with this Amazing herb for soothing irritated Skin!

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

Allergy Central!

*Itch Itch*

*Scratch Scratch*

Yes, even pets can suffer from allergies this time of year!

Symptoms of allergies can include sneezing, itching, dry skin, red watery eyes, paw chewing and more.

Some pet owners turn to prescription allergy medications like APOQUEL, Cytopoint, and steroids. But these are far from safe!

Did you know that benedryl is safe for some pets?

HOWEVER, this common antihistamine also contains parabens, Red40, Polyethylene glycol, and even talc (carcinogen)!!

I don't think I need to go into detail on how dangerous these additives are...

So let's skip to the chase...


Try an alternative approach!

Such as coconut oil, herbal mixtures, raw honey, or raw apple cider vinegar.

Natural remedies can rid infections, and build the immune system, instead of destroying it. Getting to the root cause, and not masking the symptoms...

Scratching is one of the main complaints I hear of with pet allergies. Often times they are chewing/ biting at their paws, licking, etc... Skin may be red, raw, and irritated..

One great natural remedy is:


Also known as MARIGOLD!

An amazing herb to keep on hand!

Main uses include: wound healing, skin irritation, bug bites, burns and inflammation.

It contains anti-fungal properties, is immune-stimulating, and aids in liver function.

Calendula is safe for external use in dogs and cats. Though it is sometimes used internally as well to support digestion.

If you have calendula on hand; brew it into a tea; about 2tbsp herb to 1cup water.

I like to add lavender buds as well for extra soothing action.

Once cooled, it can be transferred to a spray bottle and kept in the fridge.

Great for bug bites, irritated skin, rashes, and even your own sunburn!


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