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The Payout; Why You Shouldn't Give Up So Easily

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

We live in an era where immediate satisfaction is everything.

And often times, when we don't experience this immediate gratification, we are discouraged and sent running in forfeit.

When trying something for the first time...

It is generally advised not to give up right away...

Maybe you've tried it 2, 3 or even 4 times...

You may not have seen results on the first bat.

Maybe not even the second.


Think of when you were learning to drive a car..

Was it hard?

Was it scary?


Did you give up?

No, because you knew the end victory would be so great.. And you would have freedom!

Do you get promoted every time you go to work?

No, you must keep at it, and continually improve to see that awesome promotion you want!


I like to use this analogy in pet care.

Just because the first diet switch doesn't relieve itching... Doesn't mean you should give up.

Just because your dog isn't catching onto training as fast as you'd like... Doesn't mean you should quit.

This often means we just need to re- strategize and develop a new game plan.

And maybe even work a bit harder to achieve the desired results.

If we gave up at the first sign on trouble or turned around every time we hit a road block..

We would never get anywhere in life.

Keep going.

The payout will be worth it.

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