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Last updated: 12/14/2023


To be clear, I am not promoting certain brands just to ‘get paid’ or ‘earn money.’

Originally with my blog, I wanted a virtual storefront to refer people to in order for them obtain some of the products I know, love, trust and often recommend. With this search, I happened to have a company discover my page and reach out to me with an affiliate opportunity as they loved my content. I was actually searching for a particular food for a client at the time, which this company ironically makes! So I took that as a sign to move forward with becoming an affiliate for them, as well as others.


For the Record:

I am NOT an influencer (even though some companies call their affiliate programs influencers).

I do NOT get paid money just to generically promote brands/ products.

I am NOT a spokesperson for any particular brand (ambassador).

I do NOT participate in social media ‘challenges’ just to earn free merchandise.

I AM an affiliate with a few of the companies I love, and refer pet owners and clients to them on an as-needed basis. Not just because I may get a commission off of it, but because I believe their pets could truly benefit from them.

As an affiliate, I'm also able to provide a discount code to clients and pet owners on occasion for the products and/ or services from other companies that I partner with. My primary goal is to always help pet owners provide the best for their beloved animal companions!

Affiliate Disclosure:

Happy Trails Pets, LLC has a financial relationship with the companies mentioned on the Shop page or throughout this Site.

From time to time, blog posts and pages may contain affiliate links, which means I may get compensated and/ or earn a commission at no extra cost to you, if you make a purchase(s) through any of the links provided.

I currently am an affiliate for all companies listed on the Shop page, and the links there will bring you to a 3rd party website.

That being said:

I may receive free product(s), shop credit, and/ or compensation for any purchase you make through the links provided, at no additional cost to you!


By using my affiliate links each time you shop: you're supporting my small business, my dreams, and ultimately my family. We really appreciate you!


It is HIGHLY recommended that you seek professional guidance before changing your pet's diet, adding supplements, performing specific tests, etc. This is especially true if your pet is dealing with a chronic health issue such as gut imbalance, allergies, anxiety, shedding/ dry skin, ear infections, loose stools, anal gland problems, and other imbalance or disease.


Important posts to read:

What's the Best Food to Feed My Pet?

Does My Pet Need Supplements?


Conflict of Interest:

The content presented by Happy Trails Pets, LLC, staff, writers, agents, and owners, including the advice provided on my website, blog and during a consultation, is for educational purposes only and the opinion I express on products, merchants, companies, and services is not influenced in any way by the affiliate partnerships, and the integrity of my content and/ or services are in no way compromised by such financial relationships.

I ONLY affiliate with products, services, companies, and merchants that I truly believe will provide value to pet owners, and readers. I will only endorse products, services and companies that I have personally used and/ or tested with my pets and/ or have done plenty of research on and consider to be the highest of quality in standard and safety.

While I have a few select brands that I prefer over others, I am not exclusively tied to any particular company and am always expanding my views & recommendations.

With any recommendations I make to clients and pet owners, my goal is to always remain objective.

The brands listed on the Shop page are NOT the only brands I recommend. In fact, many of the brands I know, love, use, and often suggest do not have affiliate programs! That being said, I will not stay limited to single brands or products because my mission is to provide individualized care and support. Every animal is unique!

It's important to adjust as needed when clients are not open to certain things (grains or grain-free) or if they are unable to purchase certain brands/ products in their area (frozen raw or cooked diets). My consultations are really tailored to the pet's individual needs, as well as what the owner prefers, can source and even afford.

Whether or not I am a part of any type of affiliate partnership, it will not affect and/ or limit the work I do. I will not tie myself solely to one particular company. I love and use many different brands of food, pet products, and supplements.

Therefore, I strive to always keep my mind open, and my toolbox filled with a healthy variety! 

Because nothing is a one-size-fits-all!


Sponsored Posts:

There may be instances in which I receive a product for free and/or in return for my review and/or advertisement of the product(s). This does not in any way affect or influence my view or opinion of the product, the brand, company or people associated with it. As such, my reviews and/ or opinion(s) of these products do not reflect those of the company, employees of or brand(s) in any way unless otherwise stated.

*To date: I only have one post that was partially sponsored.


External Links Disclaimer:

This Site may contain links to external websites that are not provided by or maintained by or in any way affiliated with Happy Trails Pets, LLC. There is no guarantee on the accuracy, relevance, availability, adequacy, validity, reliability, timeliness or completeness of any information on these external websites. Please refer to their Privacy Policy and Terms of Use when using external Sites.

All company names and links are owned by the respective parties who created and/or operate them, unless otherwise stated by them. When you enter a 3rd party site, you are purchasing directly through them and are considered their customer. Happy Trails Pets, LLC is not responsible for any purchases, shipping, returns, losses, damages, or disputes arising from your use of their website(s) or any purchases made through them.



It remains your sole personal responsibility to conduct your own investigation and research to determine whether or not to purchase and/ or use any mentioned/ affiliate product or service(s).

You agree to not exclusively rely on any recommendation, reference, or information provided by me herein or with any consultation service and thus Happy Trails Pets, LLC and myself cannot be held liable or responsible for any loss or damages resulting from your purchase or use of any product(s) and/ or service(s).

As with any material on this website, you are responsible for the use of any information provided and must exercise your better judgment accordingly.

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