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WBW Optimal Vitality

Pets with current health issues needing comprehensive support.

  • 3 hr
  • 555 US dollars
  • Video Call

Package/ Service Details

Package Includes: (1) 90min comprehensive assessment Plus (2) 45min Follow-Ups 👀 Overview: Are you ready to learn more about how nutrition can help your dog or cat find optimal wellness? I will help you discover new ways to improve your pet’s health and assist you in making alternative decisions in dietary support and lifestyle changes so your pet can live a healthy and blissful life alongside their favorite human (YOU)! ✨ Optimal Vitality is best suited for: ▪️Itchy skin ▪️Mild allergy symptoms ▪️Occasional ear infections ▪️Joint Pain ▪️Loose stools ▪️Shedding Are you ready for an individualized approach to Whole Body Health & Wellness? ✅ What it's like working with me: ▪️Education on nutrition (label reading, adding whole foods, storing food properly, and more) ▪️Addressing gut health & potential nutritional imbalances ▪️Discussion on environmental toxins that could be harming your pet’s health ▪️Evaluating the need for detoxification support ▪️Implementing proper exercise and enrichment routines ▪️Optimizing veterinary care …Plus more! 📝 With every WBW consultation, you will receive: ▪️ A typed Custom Wellness Report. This is your personal blueprint for personalized diet and lifestyle changes, with recommendations that are tailored to your pet’s individual needs & your family's preferences for care. - Food & supplement recommendations - Shopping list - Exercise & enrichment routine - Strategies to reduce toxins in & outside of your home - Additional therapies/ alternative health modalities to consider, such as: chiropractic care, as well as gut health, food sensitivity & genetic testing ▪️Access to your own personal Google Drive Folder for your pet's individualized care plan. ▪️Email & Voxer support ❌ What's NOT Included: ▪️Food ▪️Supplements ▪️Bathing & grooming supplies ▪️Lab/ health tests (genetic, gut, food sensitivity, allergy, etc) ▪️Toys *Please account for the cost of additional testing with an outside service. Health takes time and often needs to be a slow and steady process, especially with detox and any needed weight loss. * For more complex cases, food & supplements may or may not be recommended unless proper management under a trusted veterinarian is achieved. HTP reserves the right to determine which Whole Body Wellness package is right for your pet. (released 1/1/21)

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