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Breeder Referral Program

Want to help other pet owners & families provide great care for their pets?!

Learn more about how collaboration with other professionals can benefit your business and simultaneously benefit the lives of pets and their families!

What is it?

The new HTP Breeder Referral Program is a networking opportunity for dog and cat breeders to provide their buyers an opportunity to be full supported in their pet care journey. You may also be referred to by me to those looking to buy from a reputable breeder.


How it could benefit you:

You'll get access to various resources to provide your clients so they can feel less stressed with their new addition. You will gain confidence that the buyers of your litters will be well-informed on holistic and integrative care for their new companion animal. You can also feel confident that the puppies and kittens you have raised are in good hands with those who deeply care about learning and furthering their knowledge in natural pet care!

How it could benefit your buyers:

We are conditioned to blindly trust what we are told and not to ask questions (from a very young age even).


There's a lot of information out there regarding pet care! Many new dog and cat owners are turning to social media for advice, and while this can give valuable information for some... most find themselves even more confused!

These days, pet owners may not even know what questions to ask their veterinary team and/ or feel backed into a corner when they do have questions. I seek to fill that gap and teach not only detailed info on nutrition and holistic care on an individualized basis, but also help provide strategies to navigate veterinary care around difficult conversations/ topics (such as vaccines, grain free diets, spay/ neuter, etc.) I want new pet owners to feel confident and empowered in every aspect of caring for their new companion!


My goal is to educate pet owners so they can make decisions based on informed consent, vs fear.

How can I apply?

Please inquire and you will be sent a link to fill out the online application!

A pre-requisite Collaboration Call may be requested depending on the application so we are able to discuss our goals in working together moving forward.

As we work together in collaboration to better the lives of pets and their families, you'll be eligible to have your business listed in the HTP Trusted Breeder Directory!

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