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Hello! I'm Kate!


And this is my humble sidekick, Maddie!

As a Blogger & Pet Health Consultant I help pet owners find innovative solutions for their families and furry companions. With a heavy focus on New Pet Adoption, Nutrition & Lifestyle and Behavioral support, there's something for everyone here to gain peace of mind and live healthy, well-balanced lives with their pets.

For years, I have reserved a spot in my heart for helping pet owners achieve health and wellness goals for their animals. Beyond standard & mainstream recommendations, I look further into alternative methods of care to provide better, long-lasting results, and ultimately: MORE SUCCESS!

I founded HTP with a mission to give pet owners, like you, the knowledge and skills to keep their 4-legged pals in optimal health! Click below to find out how YOU can take full control of your pet's health & wellness once and for all!


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