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Happy Trails Pets provides individualized consultations with custom options, as unique as your pet.

Discounts & financial help are available!

Get one-on-one support from a Certified Veterinary Technician who strives to get your pet on the road to health & happiness!

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Homemade Diet Evaluation

Dog owners wanting their pet's homemade raw diet analyzed

  • 45 minutes
  • Video Call

Package/ Service Details

👀 Overview: Have you already been making your pet's food at home? Are you new to feeding raw? Worried it might not meet all of their nutritional needs? Be sure your pet is getting a nutritionally appropriate diet! What's included? ▪️Evaluation of diet components to check for any deficiencies and possible excess of certain vitamins/ minerals. ▪️Discuss nutrition requirements per age, breed, lifestyle ▪️Address any potential nutrient gaps ▪️Options for adapting the current recipe to enhance overall health ▪️Guidance on providing better balance BONUS: ▪️You'll receive a typed report with ingredient suggestions, including a shopping list and sourcing recommendations. *This service does NOT include a spreadsheet recipe formulation, but rather gives you a starting edge with ingredient suggestions to provide better balance to your dog's raw diet while avoiding nutritional deficiencies and excess.

Prices and availability are subject to change.
If you do not see a service you are looking for, please CONTACT me.

*Some services, such as Clarity Calls, do not include access to bonus material.

Why Choose HTP?

While Happy Trails Pets is not a substitute for veterinary care, the consultations offered here are an opportunity for you to learn and apply alternative care options, gain a deeper understanding and make informed decisions on your pet's behalf.

I provide a variety of unique options to choose from depending on your pet's healthy history and the level of support you desire. With customizable packages to fit each individual animal, and their dedicated owner (YOU)!


  • No Traveling

  • Flexible Scheduling

  • Individualized Care

  • Unique Options

  • In-Depth, Comprehensive Consultations

  • On-Going Support

  • Credentialed Education

  • Additional Resources

  • Dedication to Each Client and Animal


What you need to know about Happy Trails Pets Consultation Services:

Consultations ARE for pet owners who:

  • Want to take control of their pet's health & behavior

  • Are committed to making a change

  • Are ready to go the extra mile

  • Have a willingness to put old patterns and beliefs aside

  • Need guidance and support

  • Have an open mind

  • Desire to learn new health & wellness strategies

Consultations are NOT for pet owners who:

  • Want a 'quick fix'

  • Are not willing to commit and put in effort

  • Do not have a desire to make a change

  • Wish that someone else would do all the work

  • Are not open to learning new things

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