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Words of Wisdom; Amid Our Crumbling Paradigm

Remember, that like animals and nature.. We must adjust and adapt to our ever changing environment and circumstances...

What would life be without surprises?!

Why are we so quick to crumble at the sight of dismay?

Have we been conditioned to doubt our own strength?


We often confront ourselves with discouraging messages and thoughts:

"How will I ever survive in tough times?!"


"Life is terrible."


"Why can't everything be perfect?"


Not every day is sunny, and not one person, or situation is ever 'perfect'..

Though, that depends on what your definition of perfect is.

Not many realize, that life IS perfect. Everything that happens, does so in divine timing. Whether we are aware of it, or not.

You are routinely led to exactly where you need to be.

And that's how life is!

The only thing in life that is absolutely guaranteed, is change...

Well.. And of course, taxes...

So, we can choose to put a smile on, adjust our day, and flow with the waters of life...

OR, we can sit in the stagnant muddy pond, with a frown on our face, treading lightly and dreading our future....


As our illusions begin to implode on "what was" ...

We must build our reality to "what is" and "what will be."

Which will you choose?

Adapt and flow?

Or tread and dread?

We can't always create our future, but we can create our present.

Be the gift of love and light you so wish to receive.

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