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A Green Smoothie For Pets! Support Digestion, Detox, Immunity & More!

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

Yep, a GREEN SMOOTHIE for dogs and cats! For those who would like to boost their pet's digestion, immune system, energy, and overall health... This is for you!

If your pet has any ailment, consider the following information.


Toxins are everywhere.

Present in food, water, air, soil, even in pharmaceuticals... What can we do to help our pets live the best life possible? One of the most important things, is giving them a clean environment... Externally, and internally! Be mindful of the products you use on and around your pets, and consider giving their system an extra boost with proper supplements.

Enter: DETOXING! One product I've fallen in love with is: ENHANCE CARNAFORAGE, by Steve's Real Food. This product was designed to ENHANCE the digestive and immune system and protect the body from toxins. Now, here's something everyone should memorize:

All health begins in the gut!

In fact, about 90% of the body's immune system is located there! Specifically called Gut Associated Lymphoid Tissue. This sensitive tissue can be burdened by processed foods, pesticides, chlorinated water, and much more!

What makes this Green Smoothie so great?


(The overall benefits of each is way too vast to type, so I highlighted a few key concepts)

  • Milk Thistle- detoxifies and protects the liver, promotes better blood sugar control, protects against glutothione depletion (the body's most abundant antioxidant), supports gallbladder function.

  • Spirulina- most known for it's ability to detox heavy metals, neuro-protective benefits.

  • Raw Goats Milk- provides enzymes, antibodies, probiotics for digestion, Gut health and immune support.

  • Coconut- high MCT's, decrease inflammation, protect liver, saturated fats help skin and coat, antibacterial, antiviral, anti-fungal.

  • Parsley- flavanoid antioxidants, natural folate to reduce homocysteine (inflammation), high in chlorophyl to fight bad breath

  • Cilantro- antioxidants, minerals, stimulate digestion, reduce skin inflammation, quercetin fights oxidative stress, detox heavy metals, high antibacterial properties fights UTI's, neuroprotective.

  • Chia- antioxidants, fiber, omega3 ALA, phosphorus, Vitamin A, zinc, calcium, manganese.

  • Spinach- phytonutrients, fight free radicals, vitamin k, A, folate and C.

  • Kale- omega3s, vitamin C, isothiocyanates (ITC) help detox at a cellular level, can protect against cancer, lutein for eye health.

  • Dandelion- lower cholesterol, support liver health, high levels of antioxidants, antimicrobial properties, calcium, Vitamin k, lecithin, Vitamin A.

This is what WHOLE BODY HEALTH AND WELLNESS look like!

I pair this smoothie with a safe heavy metal detox for ultimate bodily cleansing!

Just be mindful; while the body 'cleans house' you can notice worsening of a condition, or even new symptoms. You must allow the body to do it's work and ease up on detoxing when necessary.

How will you choose to support your pet's overall health?!

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