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Whole Body Wellness


What is Whole Body Wellness?

Whole Body Wellness is a way of addressing more than just one specific area of health, such as nutrition. I believe that full health is achieved by addressing and changing all areas of a pet's life... including but not limited to nutrition, lifestyle and their environment.

Will my pet be cured of disease?

HAPPY TRAILS PETS owners, and staff (while very knowledgeable) are not medical doctors, and cannot/ will not diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any disease or illness. My goal is to simply assist you in giving your pet's body a helping hand assist their vitality, and natural process (healing) to restore homeostasis through proper dietary nutrition, supplements and other modalities/ recommendations.

I don't eat meat, can my pet eat a meatless diet as well?

Humans can make their own decisions on what they prefer to eat, but this should not reflect what your pet eats. Contrary to what you may be told, cats and dogs are carnivores by nature. I do not condone feeding them a meatless diet for multiple reasons. Cats for example, will die from lack of certain amino acids, mainly found in red meat.

What type of feeding style do you support?

All kinds! I know that raw and homemade diets are not doable for everyone (nor are they suitable for every pet). So whether you choose to feed kibble, canned, raw, freeze-dried, fresh, or somewhere in between... perhaps even a mix of all of them (such as a hybrid diet): I'm here to support and educate you to provide them the healthiest food possible!

What is Feeding Management?

As a part of each Whole Body Wellness Plan, I address the area of Feeding Management. This is where I discuss any issues I notice in how your pet's food is stored, the way it is prepared, and how it is served.

What kind of methods do you use to help support a pet's nutritional status other than switching food?

There are quite a few options that can help a pet find relief, aside from switching to a more nutritious diet. Some examples are homeopathy, chiropractic care, essential oils, acupuncture, herbal remedies, etc. Included with each consultation, will be recommendations for alternative therapies, if you wish to go that route.

How long before my pet finds relief?

Each case is different. Some minor cases may simply need one appointment with a switch in diet, while others may need additional therapies with a few follow-ups. While illness and imbalance aren't created overnight, neither is the restorative process.

Why are there behavior questions on the nutrition intake forms?

It is well known and documented how much emotional health plays a role in physical health. For that reason, I have included a few behavior related questions into the nutritional questionnaire. This helps me get a better understanding of the pet's overall status to support them through all angles.

What kind of issues may be relieved?

Through supporting Whole Body Wellness, recurring or acute issues may be minimized. Your pet could find relief from things such as, but not limited to: ear infections, dull coat or dry skin, excessive licking, loose stools, skin irritation, weight management, even anxiety and hyperactivity.

I have already tried switching my pet's food, but his symptoms didn't improve, what else can I do?

Many things! As a part of your consult, a detailed look at past history, and any change in diets /regimens will be done. Environmental & lifestyle factors will also be taken into consideration. With that, we will be able to spot red flags and common variables or hidden irritants that could secretly be making your pet worse, or hindering their improvement.

Are you knowledgeable on raw food or BARF diets? I have been thinking of switching.

Yes! No matter what you choose for your pet, I am here to help make sure they have a balanced diet. While I am not formulating DIY raw, homemade or cooked diets at this time, I will make sure to point you in the right direction for a specifically balanced meal plan for your individual pet.

Can my puppy or kitten eat a raw food diet?

Of course! But please be aware, puppies and kitten have a lot of growing to do and proper nutrients is very important to prevent issues such as bone and joint problems. For that reason, I highly recommend against DIY raw/ homemade meals for growing animals unless formulated by a nutritionist or a seasoned professional! Using a commercially prepared raw food is superior to be sure they are getting an appropriate balance of calcium and phosphorus for growth. In the meantime, please do a LOT of research and take some courses to ensure a good knowledge base on DIY meals to prepare for their adulthood (if you prefer).

What does a Whole Body Wellness Consultation cost? And what does it all include?

Some nutrition consultation services cost several hundred dollars, and may not be all-inclusive
Example, you may pay:

$85-$300 for an initial consult

$100+ for a custom meal plan

$100-$300+ separately for an individual weight loss plan

$300+ for homemade or raw diet plan

$60-$100 for additional diet plans or calorie changes along the way

And a recommended supplement change can be upwards of $60.

My prices are set so most owners can afford the best for their pet! With each consultation, you will receive a 7 page Custom Wellness Report which will include recommended food and supplements. If any changes are made down the road, a new Report will be created at no extra cost to you as it is included with the follow-up!

This means that the entire pet as a whole is addressed, and we can get them feeling better faster, as opposed to making separate appointments for each thing we need to change. This saves valuable time, and it saves you money!
After initial recommendations are made, the pet's progress is monitored and adjustments are made at follow-up appointments as needed.

Why are Weight Management Plans extra?

Weight Management Add-On is an extra fee due to the additional time it takes to complete the pet's individual metabolic and calorie calculations. as well evaluate the nutrients of the food. It is a 1 time fee which includes calorie adjustments as needed (for 6-12 months of care) should your pet need any changes.

Are you able to run tests, if my pet needs it?

No. While I may recommend certain things be done if your pet's health is showing struggle or decline, all medical testing and diagnosing would need to be done through a trusted veterinarian (of your choice) or through an outside health organization. I will continue to work with you through that process, and afterward. If your pet's case is complex, I may require certain tests be done prior to the consult so I can review them to be sure I can assist you with your concerns and goals.

Are Follow-Ups included?

Yes! Follow-Ups are included in Whole Body Wellness Consultation Packages!

Various packages are available for your pet's nutritional needs. Right now I only offer packaged services (additional follow-ups are available). This ensures we can see results and get to the end goal. Think of it as taking a trip. You wouldn't book half a flight to each individual town on the way to your destination to inch you closer and closer... you book the full ticket to be sure you get to your target destination with minimal interruptions! The package includes one follow-up to start. If we need more, we adjust our visits as needed.

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