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New Pet Adoption


My family is thinking about getting a pet, but we don't know which would be best for us.

That's great that you are already asking questions! There are many things to factor in such as pet preferences, budget, and your overall lifestyle and activity level. In a Pre- Adoption Consultation, I take into account many things when helping families decide on pet ownership.

It's been a long time since I've owned a pet, but I would like to again soon.

The pet industry changes drastically all the time! From food recommendations and quality, to training advice, to prices of products, and more! Getting caught up on the latest information will be important to overall success when getting a new pet. Your lifestyle may have changed as well, and we will work together to address many areas of your life and schedule to be sure you are successful!

How do I know if my child is ready for a pet?

Great question! Age is definitely an important factor. So are maturity, and overall time for that pet.

But the truth is, all ages can benefit from a pet! Whether your 6 month old baby is enjoying watching the fish tank, or your 5 year old is tossing toys for your cat to chase. It's important to know what age appropriate chores your child can participate in when caring for the animal, and it's also important to remember that no pet is the child's responsibility. As a parent, both child and pet are YOUR responsibility, that includes keeping both safe when co-existing.

You must be ready to teach your child and pet boundaries pertaining to each-other's space. Please see my 'Pawsitively Safe'  page for more questions related to families with children.

I want to get a pet for my other pet, is this something you advise?

Absolutely! But there are a few things you should know:

-Be aware that not all pets want a companion.

-There can be hostility that needs addressing.

-It's an added expense.

-Getting your pet another animal companion is not a substitute for your care and attention (if you already have one untrained dog, don't get another to 'keep him company').

I can help determine any problem areas you may encounter upon getting another pet, including budget and behaviors.

My new pet is anxious, and my other pet is stressed, Help!

Training, setting up separate living spaces, adding more resources, and providing calming are just a few ways we can help the adjustment of a new pet, and your current one!

It can take some time getting used to a new family member. Be sure to have patience and never force interactions.

If you need extra help, consider a Welcome Home Consultation to address different areas of care and help them to better adjust together.

How can I help my pet adjust to their new home?

Patience is of virtue. Let them come to you.

Provide comforting tools such as a soft, safe space to sleep, and even soothing music.

Letting your pet explore their new territory on their own terms is very important.

If your pet seems to be having trouble adjusting, a Welcome Home Consultation may be a good option to obtain further insight and to discuss an action plan to lessen the anxiety and overwhelm of their new surroundings.

I want to get another pet, but I'm worried about how my other pet will react.

This is actually something that is very important to consider!

A lot can go wrong; fights, hostility, fear, anxiety, etc.

BUT, a lot can go right: joy, acceptance, companionship.

Introductions must be done appropriately with both pet's mental and physically well-being and safety in mind.

With a Pre- Adoption Consultation I will go over how to properly introduce a new pet and what you can do if there is any conflict.

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