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Exotics & Pocket Pets


What are "Exotic" and "Pocket Pets"?

Exotics are typically birds, snakes, lizards.While Pocket Pets are generally your hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits.

What kinds of pets do you help besides cats and dogs?

I am willing to help with anything I can! Though, I do specialize and focus most of my time and resources on cats and dogs, I do also have experience with fish, guinea pigs, hamsters, and more.

I want to take better care of my critters, what type of services do you offer?

I will evaluate a few different areas: Nutrition, husbandry (enclosure), behavior, their social needs, and more. That way you can be sure you are providing the best environment and enrichment for your pet.

The pet store told me what type of enclosure and food to get, but my pet doesn't seem happy. What can I do?

Pet stores often carry the bare minimum of what is needed to house small pets, and the food can often be the same case. As with many things in life; there are other options! I will do an evaluation on what type of enclosure they are housed in, where it is located, what toys and enrichment are accessible as well as what type of food they eat. Sometimes, they just need a change with a more appropriate setting and diet. If they are still seeming "off" a trip to the vet may be warranted to rule out any serious medical conditions.

I bought food at the pet store specific for my pet's needs. Does it really matter what I feed them?

Of course it matters! While foods sold in stores are labeled 'complete & balanced' they are still highly processed, and often contain biologically inappropriate ingredients, preservatives, flavors, and food dye. It is very important for overall health to research what food is fed, and always provide fresh, whole foods that are not process so they can receive real nutrients that are not available in processed food.

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