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Energy Work


What is Energy Work?

Derived from the ancient art of acupuncture, it addresses energy pathways in the body. Shortly put, it is a form of muscle response testing- a technique used to ask the body what it wants, and what it doesn’t want. I practice a method using a pendulum, that dates back thousands of years, for detecting energetic imbalances, stressors, and sensitivities that may be impairing the body. The theory behind this, is that energy is inseparably linked to mind, body, and spirit. With this energy, we can read certain blockages, and imbalances to navigate our pet’s health! It is simple, 100% non-invasive, painless, and incredibly accurate- when done correctly.

What kinds of pets can benefit from this technique?

Any animal or human can benefit from this technique. It is especially helpful when the body is 'out of balance' and experiencing symptoms of itching, or even behavioral problems to ask the body what it wants, or doesn't want. While these are only a few examples, the possibilities are nearly endless.

Will energy work finally diagnose my pet? Doctors have not been able to figure out what's wrong!

No. Medical diagnosing can only be done by Doctors. To diagnose, they base symptoms off of certain criteria that meet a standard for a specific disease or illness. Muscle testing asks the body questions, and allows its own energy to answer these questions during a reading. We are not diagnosing, we are listening.

How do you ensure accuracy when doing energy work?

There are no guarantees with this work. As many things can interfere with a reading. However, I do 'calibrate and center' prior to a reading to ensure the best possible outcome.

Is this technique painful to pets?

No! It is simple, Non-invasive and 100% painless.

How long does a session last?

Sessions can last anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour. Generally, I aim for about half an hour for a basic reading. Complex cases may take longer.

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