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Your personal consultant is just a few clicks away!
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Access your Online Client Portal to request appointments, send messages, upload documents and photos, view your pet's personalized plan, and much more!

*You must be 18 years of age or older to use services provided by Happy Trails Pets.

Directions for Booking

*This section is separate from the Members area.*

  • You will need to create an new Client account.

(You may use the same email and password as the HTP Members area, if that's easier to remember).

  • After you create an account, it will walk you through setting up your pet's profile.

If you do not have an dog or cat yet, or are a professional looking to collaborate in business: please create a 'mock' pet in your profile so the services display correctly. An automatic email will be sent confirming your account registration. Be sure to read it as it contains important information for booking your first appointment.


  • Book your desired session.

You will receive a confirmation email and invoice (if applicable) within 24-48 hours regarding your requested appointment. If you do not receive these items, please send me a message.
Note: All calls are done via Zoom Video. Some appointments are eligible for private text chat.


  • The Client Portal Dashboard has directions to filling out the PDF intake forms.

These are all fillable and do not need to be printed or faxed.

By creating an account to book with Happy Trails Pets, you agree to our Terms & Privacy Policy as well as those outlined by our Provider.
**I chose this provider due to their amazing customer service, restricted access to data, and abundance of features.
Your information is secure, and never shared, or sold.

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