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Feel Heard. Be Supported.
Become the confident and empowered pet owner you were always meant to be!

Your personal consultant is just a few clicks away!
*Please read the directions below before booking your first appointment.

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Access your Online Client Portal to request appointments, send messages, upload documents and photos, view your pet's personalized plan, and much more!

If you're ready to make a commitment to your pet's health, please proceed with booking a consultation below!

Directions for Booking

  • You will need to create an new Client account.

You may use the same email and password as the HTP Members area, if that's easier to remember.

*An automatic email will be sent confirming your account registration. Be sure to read it as it contains important information for booking your first appointment.

  • Setting up your account.

Input your contact information and complete your pet's profile (be sure to upload a picture)!

*If you do not have an dog or cat yet, or are a professional looking to collaborate in business: please create a 'mock' pet in your profile so the services display correctly.


  • Book your desired session.

Choose the consultation that is right for you and your pet.

You will receive a confirmation email, invoice, and a video call link within 24-48 hours regarding your requested appointment. Be sure to check your spam/ junk and other email folders. If you do not receive these items within 2 days, please send me a message.
Note: All calls are booked & listed in Central Standard Time (CST) and done via Phone call or Zoom Video.

*Some appointments are eligible for private text chat.

  • Complete the payment due & upload your intake forms.



Submit your payment via the link provided in the confirmation email.

*This is due upon receipt.


Intake Forms:

Your Client Portal Dashboard has directions for filling out the PDF forms. These are all fillable and do not need to be printed or faxed. Once completed, attach them into a new message within your Client Portal.

Please also provide a full copy of your pet's most recent veterinary records (including any diagnoses, veterinary notes, and test results) for review.

*Intake forms are due 48 hours before your scheduled appointment. If I do not receive them in time, your call will be cancelled.

  • What Comes Next?!

You'll receive a reminder email 2 days before your scheduled call time, asking for a confirmation. I also suggest that Clients set a reminder in their phone 10 minutes to an hour before their appointment time to be sure they don't miss it and have to reschedule.


*This section is separate from the Members area.*

*You must be 18 years of age or older to use services provided by Happy Trails Pets.

By creating an account to book with Happy Trails Pets, you agree to our Terms & Privacy Policy as well as those outlined by our Provider.
**I chose this provider due to their amazing customer service, restricted access to data, and abundance of features.
Your information is secure, and never shared, or sold.

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