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Exotics & Pocket Pets

Little critters need attentive care too! But they can be far more sensitive to diet and stressors than cats and dogs.

Everybody loves tiny critters, and it can be exciting and adventurous to have an extra-ordinary pet!


While there are many to choose from;

the most common types of "exotics" will be your birds, and reptiles such as snakes, and lizards.


With "pocket pets" generally referring to your hampsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, and ferrets.


I also evaluate fish!


If you are struggling with finding answers to questions about your exotic, fish or pocket pet; HTP is here to help!


Big Box Pet stores will often have most of these pets available at any given time, along with MANY options to choose from as far as care for these animals.


And you can usually find an employee to ask some questions.


The problem is, the amount of time most employees spend getting familiar with these creatures, could very well be minimal.


While Starter kits, enclosures, toys, food and other care items are readily available...


I do advise caution!


Some enclosures are not entirely suitable. Most meet a bare minimum in my eyes.


The food and treats marketed are generally highly processed and not species appropriate.


And you must always account for how the pet will fit your lifestyle;


Some grow very big (bearded dragons), some need regular teeth and nail trims (guinea pigs), others need PLENTY of free- play time outside of confinement (ferrets) and all of them need fresh air, sunlight, and a diet of fresh whole foods.


With an Exotic/ PP consultation, I will address social and emotional needs, husbandry, nutrition, and environmental factors.


All of these play a very important role in overall health and wellness.


With this information, I will then create an outline and set forth a plan to follow so you and your pet, can have HAPPY TRAILS!


How Do I Know If An Exotic & Pocket Pet Consult Is Right For Me And My Pet?


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